The precursor to annihilation

One precursor to dominating and area is to cut their communication links to the rest of the world. Syrian president has just accomplished this by shutting down the Internet and cell phone coverage. Next will be a sustained bombardment by land and air assets, followed by land forces to mop up what is left in the area.


Who is following the developments in Syria?

Has anyone been following the situation in Syria? It seems that the “Arab Spring” has been held over for an repeat performance. The question is: Will the al Qeada groups get a foot hold in another country? Or will a democratic type of government be able to succeed in this region?

Good Morning World

Good morning World, I am an author that published a novel about the Middle East and the problems with radicals. My novel is based on a group of expatriates trying to survive a radically violent take over of the Two Holy Cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I will be posting excerpts from my book from time to time. My characters are not real, but most of the places are historically correct (if not dated). The book is called “The Sand Castle: A Novel” and can be purchased at various outlets including Amazon and Barns and Noble.